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The Black Santa: "Giving Has No Season” collection

Ultra Rare NFTs

Christmas Around the Globe Black Santa Ultra Rare NFTs

The two lucky winners of our ultra rare auction will be a part of the upcoming Black Santa animated series! You’ll participate in development calls, have a voiceover role and see your name as an associate producer in the credits. You’ll also receive a limited edition Black Santa Letterman jacket.


Super Rare NFTs

Animated Snow Globe Super Rare NFTs

5 animated characters in a snowglobe, 10 editions each. The 50 collectors will get a premium swag bag. All collectors of this tier by December 19th will be entered in a raffle to get a custom 1/1 NFT of you as a Black Santa character with Black Santa! 


*After purchasing, a shopify code will be sent to you for merch.

Rare NFTs

Ho Ho Hologram Rare NFTs

3 characters in a cool hologram card, 100 editions each. The 300 collectors will get a Black Santa swag bag. All collectors of this tier by December 19th will be entered in a raffle to win a limited edition Black Santa NFT (5 editions total) and tickets to a VIP Black Santa event! 


*After purchasing, a shopify code will be sent to you for merch.

Basic NFTs

Basketball Jersey Mystery Pack

In total there are 10 different pieces (250 each) of the Black Santa repping basketball jerseys from various cities across the USA. Each pack comes with 1 NFT. On a regular basis for all of 2022, we’ll enter any collectors of all 10 jerseys into a raffle to win premium NBA tickets! 


Open Edition NFTS

Snow Globe Open Editions

Five of your favorite Black Santa characters in a snowglobe, unlimited # of editions. All proceeds from the sale will go to the Los Angeles Urban League , The Black Economic Alliance  and Money Matters For Youth.


In addition to the open editions, 25% of the proceeds from all of the other NFTs will be donated to charities focusing on financial literacy and empowerment of underserved communities. We will announced the chosen charities on Martin Luther King Day (January 17th 2022). 


The Peoples' santa

"My vision for Black Santa was to give children a magical world of untold possibilities filled with enchantment, adventure and positive characters of color while imparting the importance of giving year-round."

- Baron Davis

Black Santa Collection Roadmap

Learn about and collect all the Black Santa NFTs

GEN 1 NFT Drop on 12/17

  • The first Black Santa NFT collection is all about charity and starting the most inclusive crypto community out there. 
  • We want the Black Santa community to bring underserved communities into the Crypto ecosystem because democratizing the internet can’t be done without YOU in it.
  • By partnering with, we’re making it as easy as possible to buy our NFTs. Seeing is believing: we know that once you buy your first NFT you’ll see how incredible block chain technology can be and want to dive deeper into the rabbit hole. You’ll also feel great knowing that proceeds from the sale are donated to charity.
  • Once we finish our NFT drop, we’re going to make tons of engaging workshops to teach the community about Crypto (everything from how to set up a Metamask wallet to yield farming on popular Defi apps). You’ll learn alongside the Black Santa team, so we promise it’ll be super chill. 


Moving into 2022

  • Now that you’re a newly indoctrinated crypto degen, we’re going to make Black Santa NFTs even more fun. We’ll be announcing an expanded Black Santa roadmap in January 2022 alongside the larger UWish NFT universe. We’re planning to make more NFTs with innovative mechanics that touch block chain gaming, governance and Defi principals. We can’t wait to share more details with you!


If you got this far we know that you’re curious…so now a public service announcement

There’s a lot of crypto and NFT lingo out there, and we know it’s super confusing. Allow us to shed some light on the most popular terms so you can impress all your muggle friends:

  • “gm” means good morning. We say good morning to each other because behind all the 8-bit avatars and banter, we are a friendly and optimistic community. We’re all friends here, and what better way to greet a friend at the beginning of the day than saying good morning!
  • “gn” means good night. Just like you’d say good morning to your friends, we say good night to each other at the end of the day.
  • “GMI” or “WAGMI” stands for “Gonna Make It” and “We All Gonna Make It”. We say this to each other because we believe that crypto and NFTs are the future of the internet, but only if we all build together. It’s typically used as positive encouragement.
  • “NGMI” stands for “Not Gonna Make It”. It’s best used in a self deprecating manner, typically when you sold way too soon. “Sold Bitcoin at $3k, NGMI”.
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